Astroparticle Physics

The research and PhD in physics at the GSSI is focused on astroparticle physics. Astroparticle physics is an interdisciplinary and young research field, grown at the intersection of particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology.



Research and graduate studies in Mathematics at GSSI deal with mathematics in natural, social and life sciences. Mathematics is the universal language of science and it is an essential tool in the description of the scientific knowledge.


Computer Science

Research and graduate studies in Computer Science at GSSI will be concerned with models, algorithms, languages and software methodologies to successfully face the present and future challenges of the digital world.


Urban Studies

Research and post-graduate study at the GSSI's Social Sciences Unit focus on the long-term development trajectories of 'territorial systems', and 'urban systems' in particular (cities, metropolitan areas, metropolitan regions).