GSSI Alumni Stories

The GSSI enormously contributed to both my personal and professional life. Lectures and interdisciplinary research inspired me greatly during my PhD studies. My favourite aspect of the GSSI is the fact that it provided me enough flexibility to pursue my own interest. With the support and encouragement I received, I could study and conduct research abroad in UK and Turkey and also had the chance to work with amazing scholars.

At the GSSI there is a huge variety of people from different backgrounds, with different opinions, beliefs, interests and passions and this support students' professional and personal development. Also the interdisciplinary approach, the broad range of classes and frequent meetings with advisors nurture a nuanced vision of the urban studies. Then, in addition to the PhD scholarship, the support for academic activities like conferences and visiting periods, offers unique opportunities.

The GSSI has a truly international and collaboration-oriented nature. The most remarkable aspect of my experience at the GSSI is related to the chances that I got for collaborating, sharing ideas and thoughts, or just interacting with internationally-recognized scientists from all over the world. The international DNA of the GSSI is also evident when looking back at my travels: I had the opportunity to visits places all over the world, from large cities like New York or San Francisco, to more hidden places islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Priceless!"

At the GSSI it is very common to meet and talk with leading scholars in the scientific community, the ones that you read about only in the books. As a student, if you will be brave enough to ask, you can even be supervised by one of them.

Being part of the GSSI is a 360° experience: you live your days feeling that you are really making a concrete impact on science. At some point this may be a little bit "stressy", but at the GSSI we invented also ways for cooling down the pressure. For example, during my first winter at the GSSI we organized a series of pizza+movie nights where we explored the sci-fi movies landscape, projecting the whole Star Wars saga and many other sci-fi movies.

The most important aspect of my experience as a GSSI student was the high level of education and research activity. In fact, during the first year the courses offered by the school cover many hot topics in astroparticle physics and allow the student to acquire a wide knowledge, useful for the future career as a researcher. In addition, the level of research is competitive and the students have the possibility to work with highly qualified professors and researchers. Finally, the international environment of the school provides a remarkable human experience in which people from all over the world constantly interact and share knowledge and free time.

I would recommend GSSI for several reasons. First of all, the school offers a wide education and the possibility to do a very high level research in an international environment. Moreover, the scholarship and the additional benefits (housing and ticket restaurant) makes GSSI also economically convenient. Finally, GSSI is also a lively environment where students and researchers often organize funny activities such as sports (calcetto and volleyball), watching movies, card games etc.