I was born in 1990 in Leningrad, USSR. I have been working in low-background group in PNPI (St.-Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics) under patronage of prof. A.V. Derbin since 2009; received my bachelor degree in 2011 and a master degree in 2013 in Saint-Petersbourg State University. Graduate work experiments were preformed at PNPI facility Among those experiments were axion search witha Si(Li) semiconductor detector in low-energy region, axion searches with HPGe detector in the same region and axion search with a BGO-crystal scintillation detector in MeV energy region. The theses appear to be "Search for solar axions produced by axion-comton effect and bremmstruhlung" as for bachelor thesis and "Search of solar axions" as for the master one. Currently I am joining Borexino collaboration. The sphere of my scientific interests concern axion research as well as neutrino experiments.