BUSTI Martina

I studied Architecture at Roma Tre University (2006 2012), from which I earned a BA in Architecture followed by a MSc in Urban Planning. After a six months research stay in Vienna (Austria), I graduated with a thesis on Vienna’s urban policies and development in the past two decades. My research focused on the relationship between ‘large urban projects’ and ‘public space’, which led me to conduct a comparative analysis of the most important urban regeneration interventions in the Austrian capital since the early Nineties. The focus was in particular on former industrial areas and positive management experiences. After graduating, I attended a course for “Expert in energy and environmental sustainability in urban regeneration policies”, promoted by Regione Umbria.

The course was followed by a six months internship in an Architecture and Planning professional studio. During this work experience I dealt with several issues such as the analysis and fulfilments of interventions related to the regeneration of Umbria’s urban areas. In the theoretical part of the course I examined the meanings and implications of basic categories such as sustainability, resilience and urban ecology in the fields of urbanism, economic management and construction industry.

My interests, my studies and my readings are concentrated on urban public space and landscape analysis and management, including a wider concern for economic, political and social processes of territorial evolution.