She is an Italian Architect. She starts her career in 2005, when she moves to Rome to attend the Faculty of Architecture at the University “La Sapienza”. In 2009 she studies at the Lusiada University (Lisbon) taking advantage of an Erasmus Program scholarship. In Lisbon she has the possibility to focus on the study of Portuguese architecture. In 2011 she co-founds “Laboratorio Urbano Reworkshow”, a collective of young architects based in Rome, focusing on projects of re-use of abandoned buildings and reactivation of public spaces.

In 2012 she gets an international scholarship awarded by both the University “La Sapienza” and University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and she moves to Buenos Aires to carry out a field research on informal settlements in city. During this time she has the opportunity to attend the Xavier Fernandez Castro’s architecture studio, an experience that was very important to develop her master thesis: a project concerning the urban recuperation and regeneration of one of the biggest and most important slums in the capital’s area of Buenos Aires, the “Villa 31 y 31 bis”.

The master thesis focused on the development of a self-construction approach and materials recycling policies to improve the welfare of settlement. Back in Italy she completed her thesis tutored by Professor Alfonso Giancotti, and she obtains a Master Degree in “Architecture” with full marks in March 2013. In the 2013 summer she participates as a volunteer in a cooperation and development project with an Italian NGO in the Nairobi’s slum of Mathare, an experience that has greatly increased her interests ininformal settlements and urban poverty.