GINGARDI Valentina

In 2013 I graduated in Architecture in Ferrara, with a master thesis that focused on the urban transformation of a former railway area in Milan.

I have experienced firsthand the earthquake of Ferrara (2012) and I was involved in some reconstruction’s projects between the provinces of Modena and Ferrara.

Currently, I’m working on my Ph.D. dissertation, which focuses on the long-term impacts of major urban regeneration projects in progress in Milan and the evaluation of urban synergies among complex strategic actions. My research focuses also on the investigation of the cognitive roots of Milan’s governance framework and the emergent discrasia between the planning tools and the implementation process of urban regeneration projects.

From September 2015 I’m carrying out a research project directed by Antonio Calafati – in progress at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio (CH) – on the ‘Architectures of Innovation /Architectures of Subsistence in Milan'.

Under the supervision of Antonio Calafati, I’m working in a research group that explores the social, economic and spatial transformations of Milan and its metropolitan area. The preliminary results of this research were recently presented in a special session of the 2016 RSA Conference in Graz (4-6 April 2016).

In the framework of the ‘International Biennale of Architecture Rotterdam 2016’ (IABR) I’m coordinating – together with Cora Fontana – a research project on ‘L’Aquila of the Future: Strategies, Architectures, Spaces and Urban Identities after the 2009 Earthquake’.