BIAGI Bianca

Bianca Biagi is Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Sassari (Italy) and Researcher at the Centre for North South Economic Research (CRENoS) - University of Sassari and Cagliari. She teaches Public Economics, Regional Economics and Policies, and Tourism Policies. She specialized in Tourism Economics at the University of Perugia (Italy) and in Urban and Regional Science in the UK at the University of Reading (MSc) and the University of Southampton (MPhil). She earned an Italian Doctorate in Social Sciences (Economics) at the University of Sassari (Italy). Since 2013 she has National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor in Political Economy and Applied Economics. She is a member of the European Regional Science Association and the International Association of Tourism Economics. Her publications cover a wide range of topics in regional and urban economics including interregional migration, quality of life and welfare in urban settlements, tourism impact and externalities, regional productivity and multipliers.