Marco Cremaschi, an internationally renowned expert in Urban Policies, is full professor of Planning and the director of the Master in Urban Planning and Design at the Urban School, SciencesPo, Paris. After a Master in Planning at the IUAV Venezia, he defends a dissertation in 1991 with A. Tosi et P.L Crosta, on the social meaning of space.

He published or edited 12 books, and more than 140 papers on housing, urban planning, and the European Union programmes for cities. He regularly contributes to the dissemination of research : for instance, he edited around 60 dossiers on different cities in the journal Urbanistica Informazioni or in English  on the e-journal Planum: on Dublin, Durazzo, Delhi, Katmandu, Fribourg, Liverpool, Maputo, Moscou, Mulhouse, Munich, Perth, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Valencia).

Former director of the Master in Urban Design at the University Rome Tre, he has been visitor at several universities: 1992, IFU Paris; 1993 Gavle (Sv); 1996 Ucl London; 2003 Pittsburgh (USA); 2008 Milan Polytechnic (Italy); 2009-10 Bauhaus-Weimar (Germany); 2010 Cornell (Ithaca, USA); 2011 IDS Kolkata (India); 2012-13 UNSAM (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He taught also at the Cornell University Programme in Rome (2005-2010).

He received a Marie Curie Fellowships in 1996; and a Fulbright grant in 2003.

His research insists on a comparative approach to large urban projects in cities from different countries. Of late, he has been working on a few major projects dealing with the changing spatial organization of European cities and their consequent impacts on urban policies: the spreading of immigrants in small Italian municipalities (2013-16, Ministry of Research); the competition between regions and metropolitan bodies in Italy and France (Ecole Française de Rome); the implication for policies of the symbolic  representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation (RECRIRE, funded in 2015 by Horizon 2020); the expectations for an Eu Urban Agenda.

He is the president of Planum, a network publishing the European Journal of Urbanism on line (, and the Scientific coordinator of Urban@it, a network of universities researching on the EU urban agenda. He is member of the PhD program in Urban Studies at the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI Aquila); and of the Scientific Council of the Program « Public policies and planning»  at the IUAV Université de Venise.

He has been a member of the boards of : University Roma Tre (2008-2013); Istituto nazionale di urbanistica (INU, 2000-07); Società italiana degli urbanisti (SIU, 2004-2010); European Council of Town Planners (Ceu-Ectp 2000-2007).

Last books: 2015 (co-edited with), Rapporto sulle città, Metropoli attraverso la crisi, il Mulino, Bologna; 2015 (co-edited with Del Pirou, Rivière, Salone), Métropoles et régions, entre concurrences et complémentarités. Regards croisés France/Italie , Planum; 2011 (co-edited with F. Eckardt), Changing Places, Urbanity, Citizenship, and Ideology in the new European neighbourhoods, Techne, Rotterdam.

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