BADIA Chiara

Communication and Outreach at GSSI. Previously: Head of Outreach and Education Office at the Astronomical Observatory in Naples (INAF National Institute for Astrophysics). INGV (National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology) researcher dedicated to dissemination and outreach of Earth Sciences. Background in Natural and Environmental sciences and Environmental Technologies, specialized in Science Communication, Science and Society relationship, bioethical issues. Master in International Protection of Human Rights at La Sapienza University in Rome. Worked for scientific press agencies, private and public research entities (e.g. Novartis R&D, CNR, INGV, INAF), Universities (L'Aquila, Siena) and for cultural associations (e.g. Festival della Scienza Genova, Gran Sasso Anno Zero). Experience in editorial activities, events and projects management, international and European projects, institutional communication and "science and society" research and projects.