Senyo Dotsey is an International Development practitioner with interdisciplinary research interests in international migration and poverty dynamics, African Diasporas and religious movements, and rural and urban development in Africa. For the past few years, Senyo has developed a keen interest in discovering how international migration shapes poverty and livelihoods of sub-Saharan African immigrants in the host countries, particularly in Turkey and Italy. He has collaborated and worked with many organizations in areas including project coordination, cultural mediation and research, and was most recently affiliated with the Migration Research Centre (MiReKoç) at Koç University in Istanbul, where he observed the Learning for Female African Migrants Solidarity project financed by the European Union. Senyo is a founding member of ‘VOCI VICINE VOCI LONTANE’, an association that seeks to promote sound international cooperation for sustainable rural and urban development of poor women in Ghana and Africa as a whole through appropriate strategies and research. Senyo holds BA in Geography & Rural Development from KNUST (Ghana), an MSc in African Studies from Oxford (UK) and an MA in International Cooperation & Development from UCSC (Italy).