I was born in Alba in 1990. I spent many years of my life living abroad (Tunisia, USA, Spain). In 2013, I got a B.A in Intercultural Communication from the University of Turin with a thesis concerning the housing crisis in Turin, focusing on institutional policies and social movements agencies. In 2016, I completed my career with an M.A in Sociology, the topic of my thesis was Poverty and housing. The case of policy integration in Turin. The aim of this research was to contribute to the advancement of academic knowledge on the interaction of housing, income support, and rent control policies in the city of Turin, focusing on the welfare-mix system. Furthermore, I worked for almost two years as a member of a research group headed by Prof. Antonella Meo and Dr. Sandro Busso. Our aim was to provide monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Nuova Carta Acquisti, an experimental income support policy integrated to social activation measures. This hands-on training was the best opportunity I had to personally experience the different steps and hurdles of a “real-life” research, covering both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Previously, during my B.A, I achieved strong cross-cultural and communication skills and a forma mentis to interpret reality in light of anthropological and cultural differences. Simultaneously with the analytical/theoretical aspects, constant areas of my training were research and methodological exercise. After the B.A, I started conducting independent research and analysis of empirical evidence, subjects that I developed further for my Master thesis. Moreover, in 2016 I was a member of the committee organizing an international workshop on urban marginality(Inside the margins. Discussing urban marginality and social exclusion in Southern Europe and Latin America). The whole academic experience has given me so much from a human point of view and also as a young and passionate sociologist. I hope to experience more of this in future years, thanks to this third-level education. My academic interests are in the fields of urban studies , housing policies, social exclusion , social movements , intergenerational poverty , diversity in urban spaces , gentrification , migration issues , ethnografic research , qualitative methodology.