• Date January 29, 2015
  • Hour From 10.30 am to 1.30 pm
  • Room GSSI
  • Speaker Stefano Moroni (Milan Polytechnic)

Key Concepts in Urban Studies Lecture Series

Human beings are ‘dissipative systems’. They need to intake (to ‘consume’) a certain Over the past twenty years there has been a great deal of scholarly interest in the phenomenon of homeowner associations, as well as a related interest in co-housing, proprietary communities, residential cooperatives, commons, and other non-governmental planning phenomena. What tends to happen is that each of these phenomena is dealt with individually, that is, independently of one another; furthermore, in many cases they are treated as if they instantiate completely different – at times even conflicting – issues. The aim of this seminar is to move towards a general theory of self-organizing communities; that is, a theory that takes account of this assortment of discrete phenomena as inter-related issues that are by no means at odds with one another.


Stefano Moroni is associate professor in Planning at Milan Polytechnic. He has published articles and books on planning theory and ethics. Recent works: Contractual communities in the self-organising city (Spinger, 2012; co-authored with G. Brunetta); Ethics, Desing and Planning of the Built Environment (Springer, 2013; co-edited with C. Basta); La città responsabile. Rinnovamento istituzionale e rinascita civica (Carocci, 2013); Cities and private planning: property rights, entrepreneurship, transaction costs (Edward Elgar, 2014; co-edited with D. Andersson).


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