• Date 12 March, 2015
  • Hour From 3 to 7 pm
  • Room GSSI
  • Speaker Alessandro Coppola (Coordinator of the program “Roma Resiliente”)
  • Area Social Sciences

Cities in Time Lecture Series

The keyword of this seminar is ‘Rome’, the national capital of Italy and its largest city. We will aim to define contemporary Rome from the vantage point of urban planning. The inevitable starting point will be its peculiar social structure – characterized by a burgeoning bureaucratic middle class and a vast underclass mostly made up of low-skilled internal migrants – and its profound and long standing effects on the structuring of the political context of urban planning. We will address this topic from the opposite perspectives of failing bold visions of state-led reform and the entrenched reality of spreading informality. The rise of what has been termed the ‘informal metropolis’ will therefore be the seminar’s empirical focus. Specific case studies will be examined – ranging from informal urban settlements to public housing squatting – with the aim of illuminating the politics and policy of informality in Rome, its successes, contradictions, paradoxes and conundrums. 

Alessandro Coppola PhD from University of Roma III-Urban Studies Department. He has held lecturer appointments at thePolytechnic of Milan, Università Cà Foscari di Venezia and at the Institute for the Education of Students in Rome. He was a visiting scholar in several USA universities. In his research he has addressed various issues in the field of urban studies: urban crisis and decline, neighbourhood and urban politics, urban policy in the United States and Europe, urban informalities. His most recent book is "Apocalypse town: cronache dalla fine della civiltà urbana", Laterza, 2012. Since 2013 he has worked at the Office of the Planning Commissioner at the City of Rome. He is currently the coordinator of the program "Roma Resiliente", a joint partnerships of the City of Rome and the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Intitiative.

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