FBK - INFN - LFOUNDRY Workshop on SiPM for Darkside-20k

  • Date June 23, 2015
  • Room Main Lecture Hall
  • Speaker Workshop
  • Area Physics

Workshop on the silicon photosensors for DarkSide-20k hosted by GSSI.  The workshop will be participated by representatives from LFoundry and FBK.

Eugenio Coccia and Stefano Ragazzi, Directors of GSSI and LNGS, will open the workshop.  The early morning session will be devoted to an introduction of the general framework of cooperation between INFN, LFoundry, and FBK, with Speranza Falciano of the INFN Giunta describing the cooperative agreement between INFN and LFoundry.  Jim Whitmore (NSF) will also be present and will offer a brief statement on his perspective.
The late morning will offer an occasion to review the state of the art of the development of SiPM and associated electronics.  The afternoon discussions will focus on the requirements for DS-20k and a final round table, moderated by Giovanni Batignani, will help bring the main questions into focus.