An excursion to the shortest distance scales explored by humans: elementary particles at work

Physics Colloquium
Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 16:30 GSSI, Main Lecture Hall

Prof. Andrzej Buras, TUM - Institute for Advanced Study, Munich


After a description of our knowledge of short distance scales down to the resolution of 10-18 m (Attouniverse) and a short summary of the recent Higgs discovery, I will list the most important open questions in elementary particle physics which make us belive that new forces and new particles must exist at scales as short as 10-21 m (Zeptouniverse) - 10-19 m. I will explain how such a high resolution of short distance scales can be achieved with the help of very rare decays of mesons (bound states of quarks) and leptons that are governed by quantum fluctuations.