The resilience of cities. The case of Rome

  • Date June 29, 2016
  • Hour from 10 am to 1 pm
  • Room GSSI Main Lecture Hall
  • Speaker many speakers
  • Area Social Sciences


In recent years, the growing awareness of systemic threats associated to increased complexity and inter-dependence has led to the emergence and consolidation of new paradigms called to inform the development and evaluation of public policies. That of resilience - originated in ecology and later migrated to different disciplines - has proved to be among the most influential of these paradigms, for its ability to invest the public discourse at different scales.

Beyond its original rooting in conversations on climate change, urban resilience has come to signify more broadly the ability of an exceptionally complex system such as the urban to produce knowledge, identify challenges and formulate public responses able to ensure a better local response to that increasingly turbulent global context. The prospect of urban resilience has been therefore assumed as relevant by several international organizations and transferred at the local level where it has been operationalized by public and private actors. Several cities - including some Italian cities - have been engaged in the development and implementation of urban resilience strategies, producing a number of assessments and proposals related to these processes.

The seminar discusses content and methodologies of one of these documents - the preliminary resilience assessment proposed by the Roma Resiliente initiative at the beginning of 2016 - while addressing some key issues related to the use of this paradigm in the actual context of the city of Rome. What is the heuristic and operational values of this the new paradigm and what are the risks that it brings? What are the actual research paths and actions that can be promoted in Rome, based on that framework? What are the resilience challenges that the city has to face?




The adaptive capacity of cities: a methodological framework
Speaker: Antonio Calafati (GSSI, USI)

Themes and methods of urban resilience: the case of Roma Resiliente
Speaker: Alessandro Coppola (Politecnico di Milano, GSSI)

Speakers: Giovanni Caudo (University of Roma Tre); Enrico Giovannini (University of Roma Tor Vergata)Giovanni Moro (University of Roma Tre)