Signatures of 1 EeV protons from the Galaxy

  • Date February 3, 2016
  • Hour 3 pm
  • Room GSSI Main Lecture Hall
  • Speaker Federico Urban (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Tallin, Estonia)
  • Area Physics


It is widely believed that Cosmic Rays (CR) at the highest energies are of extra-Galactic origin, whereas the low-energy CR flux should be mostly Galactic: the exact spectral location of the transition between the two is however unknown. I will present a study for signatures that would be produced in the spectrum and sky distribution of UHECR by a population of Galactic sources of high-energy protons in the energy range around 1 EeV, i.e., around the diffusive-to-ballistic transition. There are two generic features which appear at this energy: a spectral dip and a peculiar anisotropy. A few percent admixture of the Galactic protons can in principle be detected by current UHECR experiments.