The ECMWF OpenIFS programme; progress and plans

  • Date May 10, 2016
  • Hour 9.30 am
  • Room GSSI Main Lecture Hall
  • Speaker many speakers
  • Area Physics

The event is organized by CETEMPS - University of L'Aquila, and will consist in a workshop on "Open-IFS for teaching and research", starting at 9.30 am, and a seminar on "The ECMWF OpenIFS programme; progress and plans" by Glenn Carver (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts), starting at 3 pm.

9.30 am - Workshop "Open-IFS for teaching and research"

Speakers include: G. Carver, P. Cerlini, G.Curci, S. Gentile, H. Jarvinen, F. Kucharski, I. Maiello, V. Rizi, P. Ruggieri, D. Visioni



The workshop will cover an introduction to Open-IFS and ECMWF activities. Open-IFS is the ECMWF portable version of the Integrated Forecast System, available for research and education. There will also be presentations from users of Open-IFS from other universities. Some examples of current research activities at CETEMPS will be given in the talks. Part of the workshop will be devoted to discussions about future research interests and possible collaborations linked to Open-IFS/ECMWF.



3 pm - Seminar "The ECMWF OpenIFS programme; progress and plans"

Speaker: Glenn Carver (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)



In this presentation I will describe the ECMWF OpenIFS programme that started in 2011. The talk will discuss the objectives of OpenIFS, the models available and present aspects of the growing community around the model. I will include some example uses of the model for both research and teaching applications. ECMWF research plans and future directions will be also presented.



Dr Glenn Carver is a senior scientist at ECMWF and manages the OpenIFS programme. He joined ECMWF in 2011 from the University of Cambridge where he was a senior research associate and NCAS senior research scientist. He has over 60 peer-reviewed publications and book contributions on topics ranging from stratospheric ozone, numerical methods for atmospheric chemistry modelling, transport of atmospheric tracers, and chemistry informatics.